Chest exercises | The most effective exercises for the pectoral muscles

Chest exercises | The most effective exercises for the pectoral muscles

The most effective chest exercises!


 Chest exercises | The most effective exercises for the pectoral muscles

Chest exercises | The most effective exercises for the pectoral muscles

Good day, friends. In this post, I will provide you with information on how to quickly pump up your chest and get a beautifully toned body. Clear instructions, proven most effective chest exercises and information about essential nuances in the classroom. They will allow you to develop a powerful relief muscle of the chest, which any bodybuilder aspires to.

It is the developed pectoral muscles that are the most critical indicator of an athlete’s effective work on his body. So, I will reveal the secrets of proper exercises and describe in detail the most effective exercises on the chest.

Anatomy and structure of the pectoral muscles.

Knowledge of the basics of anatomy makes it possible to understand how the muscles are arranged to use it to work out them more efficiently. Besides, awareness of the physiological characteristics of a person will help to avoid injuries.

The primary function of the muscles of the chest is to bring the hand to the body. The additional is to ensure its rotation. Muscle contraction is due to the mobility of the shoulder joint, which accounts for the main load. That is why it is not worth continuing classes when pain in the shoulder joint appears. This symptom indicates incorrect exercise or overload of the joint.

Essential principles for building beautiful pectoral muscles.

The main task of training is to increase muscle volume, so it is important to focus on their correct contraction. For the exercises for the muscles of the chest to benefit and improve the body, it is vital to adhere to the following principles:

Any activity should be designed so that it is more complicated than the previous one. If you are not familiar with the law of progressive training, I advise you to read the relevant article on this site and put knowledge into practice.

We pump the chest correctly, and only the correct technique for performing the exercise will allow you to establish a neuromuscular connection. It is necessary to hone the method regularly, and during exercises, make competent accents and use the required muscles for which you are working in a particular exercise.

I can say that these rules work when working out any muscles, so you should pay special attention to them. I want to advise newcomers to stop exercising when dull pain in the joints and muscles appears. As for the unpleasant sensations in the muscle fibres the day after an intense workout, this is an entirely natural process that does not require an abandonment of classes.


The best exercises for pumping the chest, both in the room and at home.

Chest exercises | The most effective exercises for the pectoral muscles
Chest exercises | The most effective exercises for the pectoral muscles

Bench press.

This exercise is the best and most effective for the development of the chest and the entire muscle torso of the upper body. By adjusting the width of the grip and the angle of inclination using the bench press, you can use various parts of the muscles.

Dumbbell Bench Press.

An essential exercise that perfectly stretches the pectoral muscles. The only drawback of this exercise is the lifting of the dumbbells to their original position and their retention, especially with a lot of weight. It is vital to choose the optimal load so that the exercises affect the development of the pectoral muscles so that they develop equally and look symmetrical.

The reduction of hands in the simulator “butterfly.”

. A useful exercise that is vainly underestimated by many bodybuilders. Ideal for beginners and girls, as it allows you to include the pectoral muscles in work, performing this exercise, you will learn to feel the muscles of the chest.

Pushups from the floor.

If you prefer to practice at home, then this exercise must be included in the training program. For its implementation, additional elements such as a bar are not needed. If possible, you can ask a person nearby to put a suitable load on his back.

Bench press head up on an inclined bench.

Breast mass training should be complemented by working out the upper muscles. Bench press exercises can be done with a dumbbell or barbell. The most important thing is to choose the right angle for the bench, which can vary from 30 to 45 degrees.

Push-ups from the bars.

Contrary to popular belief, in my opinion, this exercise can hardly be called very useful. It is also vital to choose shells of optimal width and learn how to do the exercise correctly. Besides, push-ups on the bars injure the shoulders, which turn out actively during the training. I list him on my list, but I do not recommend much to get involved in them, especially for beginners.

Conclusions on the topic of breast pumping:

And so, to pump up the chest, you need to think for yourself a competent training program. Which will be designed for a load of various parts of the pectoral muscle and a constant increase in weight. At the same time, even the most effective chest exercises will not lead to the desired results if they are performed irregularly and without sufficient diligence.

Essential to create the right motivation, push up on the floor at home, steadily increase weight, doing it without excesses. The result in the form of a powerful embossed chest will be worth the effort you have spent. Well, that’s all. Be healthy and massive.


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